Welcome to Old Cabinet Cards.com, a photo repository of lost and found family photos of unknown individual(s) where the current owner is offering to return or reunite the "found" photo(s) back to it's rightful family pending proof of connection to the individual(s) in the photo(s).

This site was designed specifically to allow people to upload old cabinet card style photos of unknown individuals to the project thereby giving the public an opportunity to view the photos and possibly identify one or more of the unknown people in the cabinet card photo(s).  If a positive identification of one or more individuals can be determined through other supporting photos, the person making the claim to the cabinet card photo on the site can receive the original cabinet card photo for their personal collection.  We have no interest in keeping old family photos if the rightful family would like to have it.  The public may submit cabinet card photos to the project directly through the front side of the website but they must understand that by doing so they are also allowing the cabinet card photo to be claimed by its family.

Every county in every state has already been added to the site as "Collections".  When cabinet card photos are uploaded to the site the contributor will select the county and/or state based on the information printed on the photo.  If no studio, county or state information is available then the photo will be added to an *Unknown Location/Place Collection.  Each photo uploaded to the site will have to be approved by an Administrator to make sure it meets certain criteria before it can be viewed by the public.  A few photos have already been added to the project so please feel free to look around and see if you recognize anyone, if you do, you are welcome to claim the photo and we'll start the claim process.

Recently Added Items

Unknown Woman


This is a RPPC (Real Photo Postcard) with no printed identifying information about the studio. Written on the back a single word, "Lill"

Unknown Man with two small boys


Back of photo says "This print made at the Midwest Kodak Shop, Kearney, Nebr.